Our Story


Where it all began…

Max Marshall has been inspired by design from an early age, making and creating in his Grandad’s workshop from as young as 8 years old.

Refining his eye for style and perfecting his wood-working skills, Max Marshall Design was created with Scandinavian philosophy, quality craftsmanship and an entirely bespoke service at the heart. Designs are timeless, and focus on functionality, materials and quality.

Design Philosophy (Scandinavian)

Traditional Scandinavian style is showcased with simple design, bright whites and natural wood tones, exuding clean and cheerful themes, perfect for any kitchen. According to its design principles, one should be in harmony with his/her environment. Things should also be made to last rather than be replaced. Two factors important to Max Marshall Design.

Achievable for any budget, Scandinavian design epitomises interior style, combining beauty, simplicity and functionality. Modern designers have been incorporating fun patterns and colour since the 20th century too, creating unique options for any home.

Rooms designed with Scandinavian style in mind, tend to boast crisp, white walls to emphasise light, natural textures such as wood, a neutral colour palette with pops of color for vibrance, and simple, no-fuss layouts that elegantly compliment a minimalist vibe.

MMD Values

Perfectionism & Attention to Detail

Max’s keen eye for detail, and complete disregard for poor quality shines through his designs. With perfectionism at his core, quality is paramount; uncompromised quality to the finite detail.

We use precision machinery to not only streamline the process, but ensure 100% accuracy, achieving the perfectionism we strive for.

It’s a passion, adhering to 100% commitment for the project in hand, the finest detail and the perfect finish.

Value & Customer Service

The level of service is above and beyond, here’s what you can expect:

  • Bespoke touches for your distinct tastes

  • Additional features to perfect your kitchen

  • Particular methods and techniques honing in your design

  • Craftsmanship to its core

What we achieve is something that has the look, feel, and quality of something handmade by a true artisan craftsman, combined with state of the art machinery and precision, millimetre perfect techniques. Bringing you the best value, bringing the speed, quality and precision to another level.

Honesty & Integrity

We give you choice; have a particular budget? We do our best to create something you’ll love for the price you can afford. No added extras, no unnecessary charges.

All our projects are first visualised on CAD, a 3D design programme, to enable you to see your project before it’s made. We welcome feedback at this stage.

Ethical Stance

We believe in ethical consumerism; personally doing our part for the environment, globally and locally.

We always do our best to help the environment in any way we can, sourcing our materials from sustainable avenues, recycling our waste responsibly and rehoming our wood chippings to local farmers for animal bedding.

Press articles

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