The Kitchen; the heart of the home, the go-to meeting point and most functional room of the house. Not only does it need to incorporate the right amount of storage, seating and appliances, it’s vital it welcomes your family and works to suit your individual needs.

Kitchens aren’t just fitted cupboards to house cups and saucers. Each kitchen offers practicality, function and memories. They’re not off-the-shelf products you can click and collect, they need to utilise the space you have, fulfilling all your kitchen needs and positively impact your family life.

Your kitchen should be considered a work of art, incorporating a variety of bespoke furniture pieces, specifically made to fit your dimensions and requirements. The most tailored and personal room in the home.

At Max Marshall Design, each and every kitchen is designed, perfected, created and fitted to your exact liking. “Bespoke” is taken to a whole new level.